About me

Aliyah Blackmore is an Afro-Caribbean (copy) editor, DJ,and writer/researcher based in New York. She received her M.A. in International Affairs with a concentration in Media and Culture from The New School in 2019.

Through their research and art making, Aliyah engages with the multi-dimensional threads, narratives, and histories that run through Caribbean and Black Diasporic experiences seeking to deepen her understanding of how our modes and forms of cultural production foster spaces of resistance and recovery.

Themes of Caribbean cosmology, queerness, ancestral memory as spirituality, history, identity, and place, are central to her work.

Her printed works have been shown at Printed Matter NY Art Book Fair, soundsaboutriso (by Lucky Risograph), and Lichen (commision by Essential Herbs). Her zine “Why do you wake up before the sun?” is currently available at Colby College library.

Aliyah was formally the Communications Manager at Maysles Documentary Center. Currently, Aliyah is a Digital Writer and Strategist. She also continues to build her zine project, Bright Spots Zine, as a tool of mapping Black Caribbean Diasporic history.

They’ll assistant teach a course on zine making at the SFPC with Neta Bomani in Fall 2023.


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