Writing and zines

From 2022 

The burning of cities is not unintentional: a rant, a tracing, a release (Zine) originally printed by Essential Herbs

From 2021 

“Why do you wake up before the sun?" (Zine) published by Lucky Risography (as part of the 2021 Printed Matter Art Book Fair)

A version of this essay was originally printed in Freedom School: A Seminar on Theory and Praxis for Black Studies in the United States in Summer 2020

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Available to use at the Colby College library

Abolition Now! 50 years of the Attica Prison Uprising (Zine) printed by Lucky Risograph for Maysle Documentary Center  
Compiled, designed, and edited as part of the film series in 2021. 

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From 2019

“Coming to voice in Cuba” (Article)
for Africa is a Country 

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From 2017 

The Caribbean A-Z (Zine) written for caribBEING

This was originally written for Caribbean American Heritage Month. The content was later printed by Lizania Cruz, as a Zine.

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